• Which hand does a man wear with a watch?

    How to wear from the structure of the watch    The structure of the watch, the clockwork knob and the button knob for adjusting the time, are all on the right side of the watch dial. Wearing it on the right hand is obviously awkward. This makes men accustomed to wear the watch in their left han...
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  • How to Change a Watch Band

    Removing a Leather Watch Band 2.Find the spring bar. Once you have got the watch face down, look closely at the area where the watch band connects to the watch itself. The vast majority of watch bands are connected by a spring bar, which passes through a loop or hole in the band and fits into ...
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  • Leather Watch Band Care 101

    With our Leather Watch Band and Leather Apple Watch Band collections gaining popularity, more and more questions arise on how to maintain your leather band effectively to make it last longer. To makes things easy, we’ve come up with 3 key things leather band buyers need to know when purchas...
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