Which hand does a man wear with a watch?

How to wear from the structure of the watch
   The structure of the watch, the clockwork knob and the button knob for adjusting the time, are all on the right side of the watch dial. Wearing it on the right hand is obviously awkward. This makes men accustomed to wear the watch in their left hand, which is convenient for work and life.
   Since the design space of the watch is very small, there are very few watches that can be worn on the right hand. It is not easy to design a mirrored watch specifically, and it is by no means a small modification to succeed-the mechanism has to be reversed, but the direction of the pointer rotation is the same. In addition, even if you don’t have a good hand, twisting the knob is not too awkward, and there is no need to redesign the right-hand version.
  The wearing method of international practice
It is international practice that the left hand wears a watch. Generally speaking, men’s watches should be worn on the left wrist. The leather strap style should fit the skin of the wrist, and the style of metal straps such as stainless steel or titanium alloy should be able to hold half of it. The little finger is the best wearing effect. Simply put, there should be a little gap between the wrist and the wrist to prevent the watch section from getting caught in the skin or sweating in summer, but there are exceptions. If you are left-handed, you are wearing a sports watch, such as Some luxury sports watches such as TAG Heuer, Tissot, and Radar sports models. These brands have specially designed professional right-hand functional sports chronographs for left-handed athletes in recent years. The adjustment buttons of these watches are also designed on the watch. On the left side of the camera, it is easy to adjust the function with the left hand-so it is undoubtedly worn on the right wrist.
  The customary way of wearing in business occasions
Watches represent taste, rights, and status. In business work, people like to deal with actual people, don’t like being sexy, and the so-called unconventional. In business activities, people wear watches with their left hand and must wear their right hand. To some extent, it does not respect designers and craftsmen, and does not pay attention to practicality. This implies an overly willful and unrealistic attitude. At least, it is not conducive to business image, giving people a feeling of exaggeration and inconsistency, so there is no reason for business activities.
   Look at how to wear it from a health perspective
   The medical community believes that the reason for this phenomenon is that men’s blood flows from the end of the heart to the left side, while women’s blood flows the opposite. This leads to an important conclusion: if a man wears the watch on his left hand, no matter what material the watchband is made of, gold, silver, plastic or leather, etc., it will affect the normal work of the heart.
According to traditional Chinese medicine, there is a part called “Cunkou” on the wrists of a person. This part connects the three pulse points of the human body “Cun-Guan-Chi”. These three pulse points are related to the human body. Health has a great relationship. They are distributed on the left and right wrists, below the thumb. When Chinese people cut the pulse, just press (sink), press (middle) or lightly (float) these parts, and hold the pulse point with your index finger for tens of seconds to get the physical condition you want All, you can measure the condition of the internal organs.
   Chinese ancient medicine believes that the “inch-guan-chi” part contains the secret of health and success in life. When the pulse is clear, even and strong, it indicates that the person is energetic, happy, and tough. The most critical part is “inch”, because it corresponds to the state of “heart”.

Post time: Dec-10-2020